Get your business into the Media!

IRUN are pleased to provide a ‘pre-announcement’ that we are partnering with pr2go because the IRUN business coupled with a PR service is a perfect match.
Pr2go is a virtual PR agency that specialise in writing and distributing press releases and is an ideal service for businesses to communicate news stories to existing and potential customers but in a very cost effective way, no longer will you need thousands of pounds to get your message to your audience, Pr2go coupled with the back up of IRUN will make sure you get heard.
There are multiple packages to make sure that you get all the exposure you need, from just a few press releases a year to a few a month the choice is yours and of course you can tap into the wealth of the team to make sure you know what makes a great story.


This provides a very compelling service to all SME’s in the UK who want to take advantage of having great news to share through traditional channels but also the newer social networks that can magnify your reach.
So for as little as £49.99 you can get you story, written by a journalist, in front of 100’s of editors all within a couple of days.
Interested in getting your business in the news? Contact your local IRUN internet marketing consultant today

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