IRUN Customer Service Training Session for the Hospitality Industry

On the 20th January IRUN ran its first ever customer service training session tailored to meet the demands that the hospitality industry face. Fred Copestake and Ray Watson from IRUN led the training, which has been introduced to enhance the IRUN hospitality marketing system.

What a success the course was, here is some feedback from the delegates that attended:

Feedback from Anthony Lloyd – Owner of Fallowfields:

“We absolutely must not forget behaviour WAS changed yesterday.  Fallowfields staff will view customers differently as a result of the “lifetime value” calculation; we will in teams be using the +1 to improve our performance, and create more of those WOWS. THAT IS A SIGNIFICANT RESULT!

You changed behaviour yesterday, I have been on many a training course in the past which did not change my behaviour or that of the attendees at all. So a very positive result, for which thank you.

If you want to bring it back for another run, I know all the GMs of all the hotels in the area and we could invite a rep from each!!!”

And Trevor landlord of  The Talbot Inn also attended the ‘IRUN’ Customer Service Training and took his key staff with him.  I popped into the Talbot last night and was instantly accosted by those who had attended unprompted and enthusiastically stating that the session had been superb and I quote:  “much better than the Customer Service Training they had recently attended at Arkells Head Office…”  Well done to Ray Watson, the team at the Talbot say you are a great bloke.

We all know that you can’t continually market a bad experience so we believe that customer service is as important as marketing. This is the start of many customer service training sessions,

Interested in taking part then let your local IRUN office know!


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