PPL drives up sales by £250k thanks to IRUN Marlow

Wembley-based Premier Palletised Ltd (PPL), has recently enjoyed a boost to business thanks to new internet marketing initiatives recommended by Mark Hall of IRUN Marlow.

Adam Hopcroft, Director of PPL, takes up the story: “Although successful, the company had been looking to increase sales and crucially improve customer retention. I knew it was essential to look for enterprising solutions, especially in a highly competitive market.”

Initially Adam wanted to establish a manageable marketing system to generate new business so he consulted Mark Hall, an experienced internet marketing specialist of IRUN Marlow, to deliver a forward-thinking package.

Adam continues: “Mark made several recommendations to me, stressing the process would be in two stages. He first proposed installing
IRUN’s InTouch, an up-to-the-minute contact management database and email marketing system. This versatile tool allows us to store customer data, as well as facilitate effective email marketing. Mark also suggested a new website, to fully integrate with the internet marketing system.”

Having revised its marketing system, using the InTouch platform, PPL was able to run a number of successful marketing campaigns. This resulted in generating over 50 new accounts and over £250k in new name revenues. Adam has reported a huge increase in customer retention, particularly notable during an economic downturn. As Adam remarks: “By using the single InTouch platform, we have saved ourselves a lot of time and greatly improved our ability to track, as well as analyse all campaigns and site visitors. I am particularly impressed we can now analyse email campaigns without the need to employ more staff.”

PPL’s new website, written and built through IRUN, shortly will be launched on the web. Although work in progress, Adam envisages the revised site will consolidate the measures put in place so far.

Adam concludes “I was sceptical when IRUN promised increased revenues. But, the results have been tremendous. In today’s economic climate, you need every bit of help you can get. I would recommend Mark Hall and IRUN’s solutions to any business wanting to consolidate its position and grow its customer base.”

PPL specialises in providing general and palletised haulage within the UK and for the international market.


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