Shannon’s get red carpet treatment

Commercial and domestic carpet and flooring specialists, Shannon Carpets of Harrow, is enhancing its business with its new website.

Terry Shannon of Shannon takes up the story: “I had spent some time looking at carpet company websites and felt they were generally very dull and boring. I wanted our company website to be interesting and to encourage visitors. Because
carpets and flooring are such visual products, it was important the site had good quality images to tempt the visitor. It had to be easy to navigate and the content had to be concise and informative.”

Patrick Shannon, Terry’s brother continues: “When we started thinking about a website for our business, we found we didn’t have the time to take the project forward as we both work full-time in the business. Fortuitously, our website plans coincided with a visit from
Mukesh Shah of IRUN Harrow, who was marketing his services in the area and after a comprehensive meeting with Mukesh, the Shannon Carpets website progressed from being just a good idea into reality.”

Mukesh spent time finding out about Shannon’s market and the type of work the company undertook. From that information, a 7-page format, using
IRUN’s WebBuildPRO package, for the website was agreed.

Terry adds: “I had originally intended to write the copy for the website. However, having researched other sites, I felt they were obviously home-spun. I wanted our website to be different and written from the customer’s perspective.”
This influenced Terry’s decision to have the
site professionally written, so Mukesh arranged for Terry to be contacted by his copywriter, Joy McCarthy. The brief for the Shannon Carpets website was taken over the phone with Joy asking questions and exploring all the relevant areas of the business.

Terry comments: “This process was an efficient use of my time as it would have taken considerably longer had it been a face to face meeting. Even though Joy had no specific industry knowledge, she asked the right questions and it was clear she also researched the market. I was very, very pleased with the end result”.

With the copy written and all the images provided by Shannon Carpets, Mukesh was able to construct the site. Mukesh optimised the site and, within a couple of weeks, it had been indexed by Yahoo and was appearing high on the rankings. Indexing by Google followed, and the site now performs well on both these major search engines. No matter how good a website looks, it is important for it to generate results, and the Shannon Carpets site it doing just that.

Both the Shannon brothers are very pleased with their new website and have had nothing but good feedback about it.

Terry concludes: “Although it is early days, the site is generating business. Quite recently we were asked to quote for the carpeting of 3 blocks of flats: an enquiry which was a direct result of our new website. The prospective customer had looked at several companies and commented positively on our site. We feel the whole project has been exceptional value, and is paying for itself by generating new business. I found Mukesh very knowledgeable and very personable. He was easy to get on with. For me, that made him someone I could do business with.”

Shannon Carpets, based in Harrow, works in both commercial and domestic markets, supplying carpets, vinyl, and wood flooring.


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