Digital brochure sets BJ Shelving apart from competitors

Brian Elson started his company, B J Shelving Ltd in September 2007. Based in Bracknell, he manufactures and fits bespoke built-in shelving systems for the domestic market across the UK. These include cupboards, drawers, and open shelving, all tailor-made to fit the specific room or space.

Bob and Ann Young of IRUN Banbury contacted Brian after seeing an advertisement in a national paper. They visited the B J Shelving website and realised the IRUN digital brochure would be an effective marketing tool for the company.
When Brian Elson saw an example of the IRUN digital brochure, he thought it looked good and realised it would be considerably better than using a simple PDF download on his website. Brian liked the fact his prospects could simply scroll through the brochure and literally ‘read it like a book’.

Because Brian could generate his own PDFs, he did all the design and writing for his company digital brochure. Once his PDFs were created, they were sent by email to IRUN Banbury. Within a day, the BJ Shelving digital brochure was live and ready to be viewed. Because the brochure can be very easily updated at minimal cost, Brian has made changes to it twice already. He simply sends his new PDFs to Bob and Ann Young and the brochure is updated within 24 hours.

The digital brochure has had an impact on Brian Elson’s business. Prospective customers can look at his brochure online and see exactly what his company does. This has reduced the number of ‘time-wasting’ enquiries. Now the enquiries are from serious buyers, which has increased the company’s sales conversion rates. Brian says the digital brochure portrays a professional image and complements his existing hard-copy printed brochures. At very low cost, it has set him apart from his competitors!

Brian Elson says: “IRUN Banbury’s service has been excellent; Bob and Ann are very helpful and professional. They weren’t pushy at all and I would certainly use them again for other things. The digital brochure is so easy to update and at very low cost: it’s not a lot of money for what you actually get.


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