New website is the perfect business accessory

EVE is a Witney-based shop which specialises in exclusive, good quality yet affordable, jewellery and accessories.
Tamsin Beard, owner of EVE, is no stranger to building and maintaining a website.

She used an IRUN-WebBuildPRO package to build the website for her first jewellery business, Oceans Apart. When the opportunity arose for Tamsin to sell her jewellery and accessories via a retail outlet, rather than at the craft fairs and fêtes as she had done with Oceans Apart, she knew immediately that she would need a completely new website for her new business venture.

Tamsin takes up the story: “When I decided to change the way I sold my jewellery, one of first priorities was to make sure I had a website to advertise my new shop. IRUN-WebBuildPRO was the obvious choice as I was familiar with the package after building the website for my previous company, Oceans Apart. I am immensely impressed with how quick and easy it is to build a really professional website using the IRUN-WebBuildPRO package. It is incredible value for money at less than £10 per month.

Tamsin continues: “At the moment I am using my website to make people aware of the shop, what we sell, where we are and when we are open. I have also included a section where customers can register their details to receive up to date information on new products and special offers.”

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