New business development solution comes to Canterbury

Business owners in Canterbury can now benefit from superior service and lower costs in achieving their company’s objectives. Paul Bourdillon has recently joined IRUN Business Intelligence to provide internet marketing solutions to help transform the performance of small-to-medium sized enterprises in Canterbury and the surrounding region.

Paul Bourdillon comes to
IRUN Canterbury from a varied international background incorporating management, business, development, education, IT and music. He plans to use his unique combination of skills to help deliver to local businesses the massive benefits of IRUN’s powerful and cost-effective portfolio of products and services.

Following his attendance at IRUN’s training course in July which has set him up for success, Paul comments, “I am excited about IRUN’s vision for small to medium sized enterprises in Kent to access low cost, high traction web strategies, delivering increased business volumes and profits. This is just what is needed in an economic slowdown.”

Paul continues: “The IRUN portfolio is modern and high-tech, flexible and user-friendly and incredibly powerful, giving businesses an attractive and appealing web-presence that works day and night at building and refining the business. The portfolio is ideal for creating bespoke solutions from simple ones to an overarching web strategy.”

Steve Darnell, Managing Director of IRUN says, “We are delighted to welcome Paul to IRUN. Achieving local success in Canterbury will contribute to promoting IRUN’s strategic and business model nationally and realising its ambitious but realistic goals of becoming the leading supplier in the UK business development and internet marketing arena.”


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