Drumming Up Business from Bath to Brazil

Bath-based Jamma de Samba, which specialises in running samba drumming workshops in schools, and for corporate team building events, is celebrating an increase in business, thanks to its new website.

Robbie Verrecchia of Jamma de Samba takes up the story: “Although I had been running workshops locally for a number of years, I had not developed my passion into a business. Originally, I set up a very basic website to meet the growing interest in my drumming services. Although it served a purpose, the website did little to promote Jamma de Samba. I needed a website which would develop as the business grew and would allow me to manage it without taking up too much time.”

Robbie continues: “After meeting
Daniel Plowright of IRUN Bath at a local business networking meeting, I consulted him about designing a new website. Daniel recommended IRUN’S WebBuildPRO package as it is designed for easy site maintenance and doesn’t require any technical skills. I provided the graphics and copy and Daniel designed and constructed the new website, which was ready to launch within two days. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I could not find the time to regularly update the new site initially.”

Daniel Plowright of IRUN Bath comments: “Two years after the website’s launch, Robbie is delighted with its success. The site is well
optimised, and has achieved a regular listing at the top of page one on Google. The website regularly generates enquiries and new business for Jamma de Samba. Robbie feels his website is easily manageable and effectively structured and he is proud of his company’s unique identity and appreciates the part IRUN played in creating it.”

Robbie feels the IRUN service can be summed up by a recent experience in Brazil, which he described as ‘surreal’. Because his laptop wasn’t configured correctly, he was unable to access his emails. Using a system for making calls over the internet, Robbie spoke to IRUN back in the UK, getting one-to-one support to help him resolve his email problem, with the sound of gunfire in the background.

Robbie concludes: “IRUN’s superb team helped me through the problem and my email was restored that day. Being able to have that level of communication with people is really important. When you need something to be done quickly, and knowing you have that team of people always there for you is fantastic.”

Robbie Verrecchia established Jamma de Samba drumming workshops in 2005. The company also manages Samba Sulis, the Bath Samba Band, which regularly performs at events across the UK. Inspired by the Brazilian culture and carnival spirit, the company believes in the power of music to energise people, as well as being a means of effective communication.


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