The fresh face of Cirencester friendly

Gloucestershire-based Cirencester friendly couples time-served knowledge with the latest income protection insurance products to satisfy its customers’ demanding requirements. Thanks to Cirencester friendly’s 118 year history, its service consistently meets and exceeds its customers’ ever-changing needs. However, whilst the Society continued to move with the times, its website had unfortunately been left behind.

Emma Hooper of Cirencester friendly takes up the story: “Because of the structure of the old site, it had to be updated by the original developers. This meant meeting our needs were often expensive and time-consuming. To reflect the Society’s fresh and modern approach, we felt the time had arrived for a change.”

Emma continues: “Daniel Plowright of IRUN Bath came highly recommended. I contacted him without hesitation as I knew a proactive supplier was required to help keep up with, and ahead of, the ever-changing market. Daniel started by recommending signing-up to a trial of IRUN’s WebBuildPRO website building package. He was also able to advise me on the many extras which could be used to tailor the site to meet the company’s needs.”

After careful thought Emma decided to start from scratch and bring the website management in-house. She also transferred the original graphics from the old website, and further developed the branding created by Cirencester friendly’s marketing agency. Thanks to Daniel’s help, and the user-friendliness of the self-build facility of WebBuildPRO, Emma was able to create a professional new site in just 2 months.

Daniel comments: “IRUN made the template changes and worked in collaboration with Cirencester friendly’s marketing agency which advised on colours and designs. This meant the site was customised to the Society’s exact requirements. What’s more, Emma found the online website management software quick and simple to use. It is also ‘unbreakable’ which means team members with little or no IT knowledge are able to put together a webpage.”

Emma concludes: “With Daniel’s support, Cirencester friendly now has a bespoke website which is modern, professional, and user-friendly. It reflects the company’s ethos and future aspirations. Feedback from IFAs and customers has been extremely positive, with many of the users who encountered problems in the past, are now complementing the Society on its new site due to its ease of navigation and professional image. I can now make my own updates, and find the site intuitive and easy to use. The faultless service has greatly boosted my confidence and skills, and the finished product represents Cirencester friendly’s modern and dynamic approach to communication and sales.”

Cirencester friendly is a formidable force in its field, and its strong reputation is built upon quality of product and service recommendation. The Society works with Independent Financial Advisers throughout the UK to deliver a seamless and confidential service. More information can be found at


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