Learning curve for life coach

Fiona Ferguson, a Life Coach based in Bristol, is using her new website to market her business to its maximum potential.

Fiona takes up the story: “I was aware that a website and the links to it are essential to reach out to the public. Having tendered the design of my new site to a number of companies, I was most impressed with the genuine customer service provided by
Daniel Plowright of IRUN Bath. It was thanks to Daniel’s tenacity and reassurance that I successfully obtained a £500 website set-up grant from Business Link.”

Fiona continues: “Knowing and understanding my target market, IRUN created a new site which included an online enquiries form. It is not uncommon for people to hesitate about taking the first step towards regaining control of their lives and this form succeeded in making this easier for them. As a self confessed technophobe, IRUN guided me through every step of my website creation. The team were always understanding and extremely patient.”

Daniel comments: “Internet marketing is crucial to a company’s success. It is imperative for any business to realise the importance of a well-constructed website. Fiona knew prospective clients would turn to this invaluable source of information before contacting her. The employment of IRUN has made a huge difference to the success of her business; by knowing there is a team of people available to provide support with her internet marketing, Fiona can concentrate on her clients.”

Fiona concludes: “Thanks to IRUN’s understanding and creativity, I now have a successful tool with which to exploit my business to its maximum potential. I feel my website meets potential clients’ needs by giving them an idea of who I am and what I do. IRUN encourages clients to do things for themselves, rather than just providing help at the end of a phone. IRUN has taken my business seriously; I was unaware of how extensive the potential really was.”

Fiona Ferguson provides creative support on all aspects of personal development, giving her UK and international clients the opportunity to manage change in their lives in a positive way. Having recently taken the initiative to develop her Life Coaching business, Fiona now works mainly with women, many over the age of forty. Fiona uses her experience, empathy and understanding to assist her clients with addressing difficult issues and coping with life-changing events. Using her extensive experience in health and education, Fiona has designed a successful modular course called ‘Women in Transition.’ The course creates a safe, supportive and relaxed environment in which participants can explore the next steps forward in their lives.


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